• How long an unopened pack of Three Sisters coffee stays fresh?

     An unopened pack of  Three Sisters can stay fresh for over two years due to the valve method incorporated in all our packaging. This method guarantees a longer preservation time, maintaining the full flavor and aroma of the coffee.


  • How can I define the expiration date of  Three Sisters Coffee?

     The expiration date is marked at the back of the coffee pack.


  • How long will  Three Sisters coffee stay fresh after the pack is opened?

     A pack of Three Sisters coffee will maintain its freshness for 7 days after opening. After 7 days the aroma and the flavor will depreciate due to air exposure. 


  • How Three Sisters pack should be stored after opening?

     To keep the freshness and the aroma of the coffee, it’s advisable to store the coffee in an airtight container or a grinder.


  • How many cups of coffee one pack of Three Sisters can make?

     One kg of Three Sisters  pack can make around 110 cups of espresso 


  • How many capsules one box of Three Sisters  contains?

     One box of Corona capsules box contains 10 capsules


  • Where can I find Three Sisters?

     You can purchase Three Sisters online and we deliver worldwide. For business opportunities please email us on contact@threessisters.com  


  • What is the difference between  Three Sisters coffee blends?

     Three Sisters has various blends that vary from medium to dark roasted coffee. Our all blends are perfect for espresso and brewed coffee preparation and the choice is a matter of personal preference. For further details about the blends you can visit our product page.


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  • Can I change the address for delivery? 

     You can change the address or the order from your account, but if your order is already shipped then you can’t change the delivery address until you receive the order.


  • Can I return my order?

     We undertake to replace any product delivered to you that is faulty or is in a damaged condition. If you wish to return a faulty or damaged product, you must notify us through our designated “Request RMA” webpage where we set out our requirements relating to return of such goods.

We also undertake to exchange any undamaged product purchased from us, as long as it is returned unused and with proof of purchase within Fourteen  (14) days of purchase however we will not provide any refund of such purchase. If undamaged goods are returned to us for exchange, we do not refund any packing and postage charges. Return of undamaged goods for exchange is entirely at your cost and risk.


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